So I’m actually doing this…

I’ve got less than a week in the U.S. before I take off on my adventure. As many of you know, I recently came to the realization that I left my heart in San Diego. I decided it was time to move back to where I grew up and start an adult life there.

This decision to leave was difficult because I have also grown to love Santa Barbara. I bolted from my parent’s house when I was 17, eager to start classes at UC Santa Barbara. I remember the first time I wandered back to my residence hall past my “curfew” — what a glorious moment. I was hungry for independence, and finally I had it. I took classes that made me think, met people who were different than me, worked at internships that taught me about the “real world,” and played at all the beaches and mountains Santa Barbara had to offer.

After graduation, I just couldn’t leave. I lucked out and landed a great job during the financial meltdown of 2008. I took it as an sign to stay. Since then, I’ve started many great friendships and grown as a professional. Santa Barbara became home.

Then, a little life-evaluation came into play. I started thinking about the next ten years instead of the next two. I needed to go back to San Diego. Closer to family. Closer to the place I want put down roots.

But, what fun would it be if I didn’t have a little adventure first? Wouldn’t it be crazy if I put my whole life on hold and traveled for four months? Yeah, that would be crazy. When I initially thought up this idea, I spent two solid weeks trying to convince myself out of it. Money, time, fear–there were plenty of decent excuses. Thank goodness I decided none of them were good enough to stop me.

So here I am, actually doing this. Following my gut, my dreams, my intuition, whatever you want to call it. Either way, I have no idea what lies ahead… and I can’t wait.


3 comments on “So I’m actually doing this…

  1. Aprí says:

    Congrats to you for having the courage to tackle a new adventure and think about a future further out. I feel you on leaving SB and all the wonderful things it offered, including being the place where we “grew up” and became adults. I hope you have time to post on some of your adventures abroad. Best to you Michelle.


  2. Denni says:

    Hey Michelle – I came across your blog via Linkedin and I am stoked for you!
    I recently made the same move and have been traveling over the past 8 months.

    On your travel list I have been to Vietnam, Thailand and Bali …

    Vietnam – dont miss cat ba island … same same as Halong Bay but less touristy. I enjoyed Hanoi a lot more than HCMC but you gotta go to both cities.

    Thailand – must go to Raleigh (rock climb no the beach) and Chang Mai (elephant rides, temples) .. no need to spend much time in Phuket. If you make it to Phi Phi Islansd, go to the tourist Mui Thai boxing match and do a 3/4 day snorkel trip.

    Bali – dont spend to much time in Kuta Beach – go to Nasu Lembongan and Uluwatu. Rent a motor bike in Lembongan and the public boat is the way to go in order to save some dough. Cheap snorkel / dive trips as well. Watch the sunset @ Uluwatu or rent a surfboard and paddle out @ Pandang Padang and watch the sunset from the surf break.

    Your going to have a blast! Safe Travels.

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