Adventures in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Day 1

  • Arrived at 4am, chilled until 7am at our hostel, Reggae Mansion
  • Walked to Meduka Square and river.
  • Ate at an Indian place for breakfast – “Eggs and butter” for Mandy, “Eggs and Marsala” for me. They turned out to be an egg quesadilla type things with dipping sauces.
  • Walked through KL City Gallery – brief history of KL with sweet model of the city, many elements carved from wood
  • Shopped at the Central Market (indoor and outdoor stalls). We bought sarongs, shower shoes, a long sleeve cover up and a day bag for Mandy. All the shop owners were very helpful and friendly. We ate banana and chocolate paratha at Hot & Roll.
  • Went up the KL Tower for sunset. We walked there – during rush “hour” (5pm-8pm) the traffic barely moves through city streets. Taxi fare doubles.
  • Walked to Bingtang Walk for dinner. It was a huge mall, very different from the Market. There was a huge H&M, Sephora, and dozens of other stores you’d find in the U.S. Walking around this area was very disenchanting. It felt like any other mall, any where else in the world. No local character.
  • Took the monorail back to the hostel for much needed sleep. This was the first night of sleep we had since leaving the States.
  • We watched MTV for a few minutes and discovered this gem – G Dragon’s “Get Your Crayon.” You’re welcome.

Kuala Lumpur, Day 2

  • We walked to Pudu Central to buy a bus ticket to Penang. Many bus companies were viciously competing for our business and it was uncomfortable. We sat down to take a breath and decided on a company. We made a good choice.
  • We walked to Chinatown to browse the market there. It was not as impressive as the Central Market, so we browsed through quickly.
  • Then we walked to the Bird Park. We should have taken a cab – very far and along streets meant for cars, not people. A cab driver found us walking up the hill and offered us a free ride the rest of the way. I was initially suspicious, but welcomed the walking break. He was super friendly and had a tough time even taking the 2 ringgits (~60 cents) we offered him at the end.
  • Bird Park was awesome – open-air aviary.
  • We started hunting for food and only found an over-priced restaurant. We wandered to the Tun Abdul Razak Memorial and found a restaurant there – cheap and local food. The second we sat down on the covered patio it started to pour rain. We were very thankful for Tun Abdul Razak.
  • We headed to the Butterfly Park from there. Not as cool as the Bird Park.
  • Then we went to the Islamic Arts Museum. Very cool exhibit. We learned about the creation of the Malaysian flag, royal seals, and saw Islamic artifacts, jewelry and architecture.
  • We went to Jalan Alor for dinner. The street is lined with restaurants that pull tables and chairs out into the street for a nighttime hawker food market. I ate Char Koay Teow (a rice noodle dish with seafood and peanut sauce) with an 100 Plus (Malaysian soda).
  • We headed to Sky Bar (33rd floor) in the Traders Hotel for the view of the Petronas Towers lit up at night. The bar was super fancy – pool in the center with lit up orbs, floor to ceiling windows with fantastic views of the city.
  • Then we headed back to Reggae Mansion to the rooftop bar. We watched some Germans do the Gangam Style dance with the owner of the hostel. Our lives were complete.

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