Adventures in Penang

Day 1
– Travel day: Bus from KL to Butterworth, ferry to Penang Island
– Walked through Little India, music, delicious smells, bright clothing. We discovered a fruit called rambutans at one of the food stands. Red and hairy on the outside, sweet and yummy on the inside.
– Ate at a place called Kapitan that serves kashmiri naan, naan filled with sweet jelly candy and sugar on top. We decided to return on day 2 for more.

Day 2
– Took the bus to Batu Ferrenghi, best beach on the island. We found some sort of egg sacks washed up on the sand. They moved when you poked them.
– Ate more rambutans at a fruit stand with a side of chicken satay.
– Hired a rickshaw driver to take us aground town to find street art by Ernest Zacharevic.
– Encore dinner at Kapitan.


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