Adventures in Langkawi

Day 1
– Took a boat from Penang to Langkawi, another Malaysian island. We almost missed the ferry and literally ran with our packs to catch it in time. Luckily Malaysia is a more relaxed about actual departure times.
– When we arrived at Langkawi, we ate at a British tea house run by an older British woman. Never thought I’d be having a proper cup of tea in Malaysia.
– Headed to the beach for a beautiful sunset, intermittent rain. Felt refreshing.
– Ate at an Indian place. We both ordered mango lassis and they served them to us in one glass with two straws. Uncontrollable laughter followed. This is not the first time we got the feeling people thought we were a couple. Good to know they are so accepting!
– We talked to an Egyptian who had moved to Malaysia and it was interesting to hear his perspective on Bush and Obama. Although he “likes” Obama more, he wished “he was stronger like Bush in Egypt.”
– We started at a place right on the beach, but it was pretty buggy. We busted out head lamps and killed mosquitos with flip flops. We also busted out our travel sheets.

Day 2
– We finally got a day to sleep in and it felt amazing.
– We got our last “100 Plus” sodas (my new favorite). I bet it’d mix great with whiskey.
– We squeezed in a 30 minute massage before heading to the marina to catch a speed boat to Koh Lipe, our first stop in Thailand.

Check out the photos >


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