Adventures in Koh Lipe

Day 1

  • We stamped out of Malaysia and into Thailand! It was the most relaxed immigration experience I’ve ever had. We hopped out of our longtail boat into the water and walked up the beach with our packs. We handed our passports over and waited in a restaurant with white sand covering our feet. There was a cat napping on the Information desk that slept throughout the process. Fifteen minutes later we had a 15-day visa!
  • We started heading up Walking Street headed for “The Box” – a hostel that re-purposed shipping containers into accommodation. It started to pour rain. We trekked onward, but were the only ones! Everyone in the street ducked into restaurants and shops to wait it out. We ducked into a bar dripping and the dude at the bar said “Welcome to Koh Lipe!”
  • We ventured out to explore. You can walk around the whole island in about 90 minutes, so it’s got an intimate feel to it. White sand beaches, crystal clear water, local vibe – perhaps we could stay here forever?
  • For the evening we went to OMG Bar on a friend’s suggestion. This bar had a whole lounging area that encouraged guests to lay down – please and thank you. We settled in with a Leo beer, followed by a Chang. Perfect.

Day 2

  • The Box was booked for the rest of our stay so we checked out and hostel shopped. We ended up finding a bungalow that was reasonably priced and right on the water. The entire building was made out of bamboo. It had an outdoor shower and a hammock on the front porch – truly island living.
  • I had Tom Kah for lunch – my favorite Thai soup. Not spicy, perfect amount of coconut milk. We both ordered our first banana shakes – the first of MANY.
  • We shopped through the market on the hunt for comfy pants. There were many colorful options.
  • It was time for sunset and we wandered to the very north end of Sunrise Beach that peeked around to the sun setting over the water. We chatted with a dude about travels in Vietnam.
  • We returned to OMG Bar for a special showing of Men In Black III. I ordered Rad Naa – a noodle dish with a thicker sauce.
  • When we returned to the bungalow we were greeted by a few giant cockroaches. There was a sandwich bag that had a bit of jelly in it in my bag – apparently cockroaches are into that kind of thing.

Day 3

  • We went diving for most of the day. Mandy had only been once and I had never been. We learned the basics of breathing underwater and how to control our depth with our lungs. It was an awesome feeling! Unfortunately my small ear canals came back to haunt me and I had a fair amount of trouble equalizing the pressure in my ears without pain. I decided to not continue with the certification, but loved the experience.
  • I ordered green curry for dinner and discovered an odd vegetable in it that I’ve never seen before.
  • At night, I headed to Blue Tribe bar on the sand and watched fire dancers toss fire in the air as the small waves lapped up on the shore.

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One comment on “Adventures in Koh Lipe

  1. Diane Boss says:

    Michelle, I love hearing about your travels. Diane

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