Adventures in Krabi

Although we went to Krabi, it was mainly a way to get to the Khao Sok National Forest. Although we didn’t tour much of Krabi, the adventure didn’t stop.

Day 1

  • We jumped on a longtail boat, then on to a speedboat to get us to the mainland. The water was choppy and it was a rocky ride. The poor girl next to us put on her life jacket and just closes her eyes. Mandy looks at me and whispers, “This boat has a roof. When this thing capsizes, I don’t want to be wearing a life jacket.” Soon the water calmed and we made it to land.
  • When we made it to land, we hopped on a mini-bus to Krabi. I promptly fell asleep. I awoke to CCR playing on the radio as we drove into town. Not quite the soundtrack I was expecting, but it reminded me of home.
  • Time for errands: Dropped off laundry, mailed some things back, scheduled onward travel.
  • We went to the night food market and ate some coconut pancakes – delish! We continued on to dinner at a place called Bluejuice. They had a pamphlet on every table with life advice. Some tidbits include: “Don’t speak unless it improves the silence.” “Wake up and be awesome.” “Having a wider heart and mind is more important than having a larger house.” “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy but the Bible says love your enemy.” “Old people shouldn’t eat health food, they need all the preservatives they can get.” There was also a bit about “fast food cafes” that cook up “artificially flavored cardboard” served by “recycled juvenile delinquents.” Ha!
  • In the evening we headed up to the rooftop bar at our hostel. A local took music requests from travelers and sang the night away.
Wide range of services available at nearly every storefront - common throughout the trip.

Wide range of services available at nearly every storefront – common throughout the trip.


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