Adventures in Khao Sok Forest

Day 1

  • We left Krabi by mini-bus to get to Khao Sok. Shuttled to a bus depot where we took another mini-bus to the forest. More on transportation in SEA >
  • We chatted with a Texan, a Canadian, a Brit and two Aussies on the way – they became the “Forest Crew”
  • We checked into the Jungle Huts and were excited to be up so high!
  • We shopped the tours to the lake and the forest but thought the prices were a bit high. It was frustrating that you couldn’t do a self guided tour. The only alternative we found involved hitchhiking for 13 km, so we passed on that.
  • We returned to the huts and had a few beers with our new buds. We all went to dinner and swapped travel stories. We ordered rambuten in sugar syrup for dessert – not so great. We’ll stick to buying it off the street or in shakes.
  • Headed to Chillout Bar where we played jenga and sat by the fire.

Day 2

  • Went for a jungle trek in Khao Sok Forest – found a swimming hole, waterfalls, monkeys far off in the trees and cool plants. The forest was alive with noise – birds and insects calling to eachother. Great trek!
  • We returned to the jungle huts to say goodbye to the “Forest Crew” and move along.
  • We hopped on another mini-bus (likely the wrong one) but they took us. They dropped the other people on our bus at the pier, but we needed to go to the train station. We took another bus to the train station and hopped an overnight train to Bangkok.

Photos from Khao Sok >


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