Adventures in Bangkok & Ayutthaya

Day 1

  • We woke up on the overnight train and ate Pringles for breakfast – “breakfast of champions”
  • When we got out of bed, one of the train attendants flipped the beds into seats – transformer train!
  • We flagged a tuk-tuk to take us to a water taxi, and took the water taxi along the river to Phra Artith.
  • We check in to Happy House hostel based on a recommendation from another traveler. We ate in their restaurant and had the best banana shake of the trip!
  • We walked over to the Grand Palace. We tried to buy the tour iPhone app, which caused a bit of chaos. It took about 4 people to figure it out, but we got it!
  • While we were waiting for an Internet connection we witnessed a lady yell at the temple staff. She was upset because her group was not appropriately dressed for the temple (long pants and covered shoulders) and they would not allow them inside. I was shocked she had the gall to yell at them because she can’t follow the clearly posted rules.
  • We headed to Wat Pho after the Grand Palace to check out the Reclining Buddah. It was HUGE – filled the whole building. We walked along the front side and made a loop around its feet. We bought 180 coins to drop into bronze bowls that lined the back of the Buddah. They wished us luck and happiness. I thought about all the people I loved as I dropped each coin, wishing them luck and happiness as well.
  • We watched a free cultural performance outside the National Museum.
  • When we returned to our hostel a “Giant Street Fair” had popped up on our street. There were blocks and blocks of shopping, street food, performances, live music, and more! We loved the fair.
  • We went to Khao San Road that evening – gangam style dancing in the streets, drunk Aussies, break dancers, loud music. It was like DP in Isla Vista – Thailand-style.

Day 2

  • We went shopping and figured out our next travel steps in the AM.
  • Visited the National Museum but we left disappointed. The timelines were confusing and the exhibit needs some TLC.
  • We capped the evening with thai massages. Thai massage is dry (no oil) and uses pressure points to relax your body. It worked.

Day 3

  • We took a day trip to Ayutthaya, Thailand’s old capital city.
  • We visited temple ruins all day. It was nice to be able to climb all over them. With the active temples, you have to enjoy them from a distance. We started to get a better feel for the history of Thailand.
  • It was Christmas Day, so we wandered into a place that was playing Christmas music. The owner was one of the nicest ladies we’d run into. She served us dinner – spicy Siam noodles with a banana shake.
  • We headed back to the hostel and listened to live music from across the street. They were playing American music and all the customers were singing along. Felt like home.

Photos from Bangkok >

Photos from Ayutthaya >


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