The quest for Khao Soi

I began the quest for Khao Soi when I read about it in a travel article. The dish is well-known in Northern Thailand, so I wanted to eat it as much as possible while I was in the region. I found it at a restaurant the first day and ordered it, hoping for the best. I got hooked from the first bite!


Khao Soi is a yellow curry dish with egg noodles and chicken in it, topped with fried noodles. It’s served in a bowl with a plate of add-ins. Similarly to Vietnamese pho, you can add spices to customize the flavor:

  • Coconut milk -to make the curry milder, less spicy.
  • Sugar – to sweeten.
  • Fish sauce – to salt the dish.
  • Chili paste – to make it spicier, much spicier!
  • Lime – to bring out different flavors.
  • Shallots – to make it more “tangy.”
  • Pickled cabbage – to make it more sour or less sweet.
  • Bananas – to soothe a burnt tongue.

We found a place called “Just Khao Soi” on our second night in Chiang Mai. They only thing they serve is (you guessed it!) Khao Soi. Their menu had the history of the dish (Burmese/Thai fusion) and mentioned that they are going to be opening franchises worldwide. Hopefully they’ll open one in San Diego!


One comment on “The quest for Khao Soi

  1. Nancy says:

    There is my beautiful daughter!! What a nice picture. Your hair looks great, lovely soft curls. You look so happy! I felt like I was sitting across from you, ready to share your feast.



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