Adventures in Hoi An

Day 1

  • Woke up on a bus in Hoi An and checked into Sunflower Hostel.
  • I met Muria, an Argentinian girl in the room, and we headed to town to eat lunch. I tried Cao Lau for the first time, a local specialty. It consists of noodles with a light sauce, topped with veggies and croutons. Tasty!
  • We walked around town and saw tailoring shops everywhere! This area is known for custom clothing. The streets are lined in yellow buildings and lanterns. Very charming and romantic town.
  • We met up with an Aussie and a NYer for cocktails. It was fun to exchange travel stories and learn new card games.
  • I ate Cao Lau off the street for dinner.
  • I hopped in a small woman-powered boat with Muria for a river cruise after dinner. The town comes alive with soft lantern light at night – beautiful! I was so inspired, I bought a lantern from the famous lantern corner.
  • I ran into Celine (a French girl I had met in Chiang Mai and then ran into in Hanoi). I was so excited to see her and we were on a similar travel trajectory.
More bicycles along the riverfront

Bicycles along the riverfront

Day 2

  • First thing in the morning I met up with Celine to go dress shopping. We picked out the styles we liked and both opted for silk!
  • We hit up Laugh Cafe for lunch for more Cao Lau – best one yet!
  • We walked around town afterwards and crossed the Japanese bridge. We capped off the afternoon with some fresh beers, a chocolate pancake and rum-fried bananas. Yum!
  • We went back to the dress shop for our first fitting. The waistline was perfect, but I had some alternations for the neckline and areas where there was too much fabric. It was cool to be able to fix parts of the dress that didn’t fit perfectly.
  • We gathered a whole group of solo travelers for dinner.
  • I start to feel kinda funny, so I head home early.
Taking my measurements - I'll wear the dress in Australia.

Taking my measurements – I’ll wear the dress in Australia.

Day 3

  • Somewhere around 2am the food poisoning hits. I’ll spare you the details. Either way I was supposed to leave on this day, but that was not happening. I could barely walk.
  • I cancelled my bus. Then I try to book my hostel for another night but it’s full. Hostel hunting while you have food poisoning is not recommended. I took a room in the hotel next door – a splurge at $30/night.
  • I slept from 11am-8pm, 9pm-3am, 4am-9am.

Day 4

  • I showered and start to feel better, but I’m still not hungry.
  • I tried to re-book the bus for today, but it’s full. I went to a travel agent and the flight to Ho Chi Minh City is only $45. Sold.
  • I went for my final dress fitting and it’s perfect!!
  • I ran into Wilkie (a friend from the Halong Bay cruise) in the street with his Finnish lady friend. We go to lunch. I ate steamed rice – perfect on an upset stomach.
  • My original plan for my final day was to go on a bike ride. Since I got sick, that didn’t happen so I rescheduled it for today. I rode all over Cam Nam Island and got a feel for rural life in Vietnam. Kids waved hello, laundry blew in the breeze, and no other tourists were in sight. Then I biked to Cua Dai Beach and watched locals play foot volley. They don’t speak any English but we pointed at things and exchanged thumbs ups.
  • I met up with Wilkie and his friend for dinner and ate my first real meal since I got sick. On the road to health!
  • Hitched a ride to the airport to go to Ho Chi Minh City.
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