The sarong – a traveler girl’s best friend

I had read and listened to tons of advice before I left on my trip. One of my takeaways – Buy a sarong. I wanted to buy one in SEA so it was one of the things I didn’t pack. Although I did include it in my original packing list.

I found the perfect one at the Central Market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It had a cool traditional pattern on it and could be dressed up or down. I knew I would use it, but I had no idea I’d use it on a daily basis!

Uses for sarongs while traveling:

  • Skirt for casual wear, can be worn long or short
  • Dress for a beach day, tie behind the neck
  • Scarf/shawl when it gets cooler at night
  • Blanket for chilly bus/plane/boat rides or hostels with thin blankets
  • Shawl to cover your shoulders at temples and conservative regions
  • Shawl to dress up your outfit and get into a fancy bar when you only have backpacker clothes
  • Headscarf for windy boat rides
  • Umbrella for unexpected rain
  • Towel to lay out at the beach, at the pool, or at a park
  • Towel to dry your hands when there are no paper towels in the bathroom
  • Laundry bag, when tied up around dirty clothing, it holds ~2 kilos of laundry

One comment on “The sarong – a traveler girl’s best friend

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