Travel buddies are joy

When I bought my plane ticket for this trip, I only bought one. Just one ticket, just for me, goin’ solo. As an extroverted person, I was worried about how I’d fare when spending a significant amount of time alone. As it turns out, I can count the number of days I was completely alone on one hand (and I was gone for 116 days!).

This post is dedicated to all my travel buddies, who I had the pleasure of spending time with both long and short term. We explored the world together – saw the sights, rented motorbikes, swam in the ocean, ate delicious food, soaked it all in. We swapped life stories. We shared experiences I’ll never forget. Even though we shared only a few weeks or days together, I’ll cherish those moments forever.

Here’s to you:

Travel buddies from home

  • Mandy (4 weeks in Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, N. Vietnam)
  • Mom & Dad (5 weeks in Australia, New Zealand)

Travel buddies on the road


  • Celine from France (2 weeks in Vietnam)
  • Mack from the U.S. (10 days in Cambodia)
  • Liberty & Lisa from the U.S. and Canada (2 weeks in Bali)
  • Sam from Australia (2 weeks in Gilis/Bali)


Amy (Scouse), Anne, Argo, Bianca, Brian, Chris, Danielle, David, Dominika, Duhwee, Jane, Jen, Jennifer, Ketut, Leona, Marlotte, Melinda, Melissa, Michele, Mike (The Gov), Mulray, Muria, Nerine, Ong, Rory, Sara, Tola, Tuomas, Walker, Wilkie, and all the ones I’ve forgotten!


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