Meet Kitz & Calvin

It all started when I decided to leave Santa Barbara to return home to San Diego. People move all the time, but I figured it’d be more fun if I had a little adventure first.

It’d be crazy to put my whole life on hold and travel for 4 months, but that’s my plan. When I initially thought up this idea, I spent two solid weeks trying to convince myself out of it. Money, time, fear–there were plenty of decent excuses. Thank goodness I decided none of them were good enough to stop me.

So here I am, following my gut, my dreams, my intuition, whatever you want to call it. 8 countries (maybe more) and a 4 month-long adventure – these are the stories.

Who is Calvin?


Calvin is a small rabbit with a big personality. (You can tell he’s fun to be around because he wears a clown nose.) He’s along for the ride, mostly because he loves temples and Thai food.


4 comments on “Meet Kitz & Calvin

  1. Harry Heyligers says:

    Good luck I look forward to Vicariously travel with you two, have a lot fun!!! Harry

  2. Delightful, creative and thoroughly enjoyable journal, Kitz! Don’t ever stop doing what you are doing. You are great at it.
    Happy trails to you. -Portia

  3. Mack says:

    is Calvin a rabbit or a Labbit??? :p

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